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Some of His Claims &fclim6dencs\ 

AJgeV'^Hiss said last ' nigStlsimilar -to [tHose; he had un- 

thatr . newly . available . files / o£ 
the Federal ^Bureaui of 'Investp| 
gationl show"' that' agents' kri3w 
that ii-dornier^ maid’s ■ son* had 
.Mrs^jHiSs --typewritete before 
the ctime’.jshe- was :> alleged/: to 
have typed documents onit.for 
a Soviet spy network. t - 
He alsot'said’ the, files -show 
that, agents told., the late E-Bd,! 
director;. Ji; Edgar. Hoover, [that 
the Hiss typewriter was bought 
in 1928 but; that the. typewriter! 
put into .evidence in his 1949 
and. 1950:: perjury., trials had a : 
number • indicating it had been 
manufactured . more..!' than;', a 

It was the- first time Mr.. 11133 

successfully argued in the past, 
were: supported ; by ; F.BX- files: 
released uisder -'a; Freedom, of 
information Act suit iyi.-v,t 
•ihOnciet again,: this time ; to- an; 
audience of 250 persons at the 
Overseas;: press- Club at* the 
Biitmore. Hotel, he -declared 
never handed Whittaker Chant- 

espionage and I [was never a 

member - of ' " fine- Communist! 

Party or involved ;, in. any of 

their activities:”. :l 
:• ■ — - • . ■' . 

..jjThe ,statements;hy Mr. Hiss, 
a. former State D&pa'rtment of- 
ficial' whom Mr.'phambefs . had 
accused of beingDa : spy partner. 

had- declared that such - oobits, came - a day after.. a ; Smith Col - 1 
— - " — *■■■ lege, professor, assetted;;on., the. 

iby-John Chahot Smith, a' for- 
mer New, York Herald Tribune 
[reporter,- which .supports' .Mr. 
!Hiss’s-. J assertion..-of ; innocence 
and suggetss how Mr. - Cham- 
bers could, have obtained- the 
documents - involvedhby other 
,means._ _ ■ - . \ J 

MrsuSmkh" .urgeii^last night- 
[that Congress, ,?whosa investi-; 
'gations started* ‘the Hiss case,-- 
should' use ., its; investigative: 
powers- to ;.nndertake ia,vnewH 
study .1, of material now--:avail^ 
able. f ; ■*%.' . ;f\ 

: -Tax Pressure Hinted 

The examples- Mr- Hiss cited 
; as:- found .by his supporters ;in 
the- FJBX> files included::, \ 

. «1A-. bureau report that Perry 
Catlett,-.son ..of a. former Hiss 
maid! : - had';* 'responded . after# 
lengthy questioning . that the! 

[Continued onPage 10, Column 4 j 
' ContinuedfFroin; Page 1,-. CoL . 2 

basis : of 'the- newly[re! eased. 
F-.B.I.;- material- and -study , of[ 
Hiss; defense^ records', .'.that, hd-j 
believed. Mr. Hiss had lied an(dj 
stolen -the,- documents^- 
Mr. Hiss’s. danaJ ;to-a- gran&f 
juryi.that-'he-had -given docu-S 
ments ‘to ! Mr.'; ; Chambers inhai 
spy plot led to : his perjury con-; 
viction - by- a . jury . in Federal® 
Court. -here- Jan. 21, 1950. He. 
served. 44 months: in. prison... 
from .March 22,- 1951; to Nov. : 
27, 1954.: rf';:.;: [-li:,,;,- ' :;: j 
The . professor,. Allen Wein-o 
stein, whose suit, had made the 
F.B.I.. materials .available, . said-' 
yesterday thaOeJeft.“SQrry’’l 
for Mr. Hiss. But he said, “I 
tried to piece together the- 
whole fabric of_ evidence which_ 
seems to me,_much to'my sur-' 
prise to-. have gone, the other 
way in. terms of- the position I; 
began with.” \ 

Mr. Hiss’s appearance was toi 
help announce a- new book,.! 
“Alger Hiss: The True Story,” i 

; .-. „ -T>» unrYort.Tlmsj 

[Allen Weinstein, at Smith fi 
ii^rlCoIlege yesterday..; “ 

Hiss typewriter haS .been given, 
to the Catlett family when the, 
Hisses ; moved to a new* home! 

about; the. beginning-? of Jantt-i 
ary. 1938. [Typed’ excerpts andj 
summaries from.-' : documents 
Mr.., Hiss assertedly? gave -Mr.’ 
Chambers.'- w c re : da t 3d J anilary 
to April 1938c-^ 'i 

. Ahf.F.BX'- .’hirgent’j-. telegram 
of May 17, 1949, .asserting-that 
“investigation had.. established” 
that the Woodstock, typewriter 
four.d'by the Hiss defense and 
[introduced at,; the trial 'could 
■notfhave been-Hhe fahulyma- 
'chink. Comparisons;, were used 
at the trial .jtoN cite.:- products 
from the machine as.’ the same 
as ; the Chambers documents. 

FvB-E taowiedge . before.. trialf 
that: ’Navy Department docu- 1 
me nts:: re produced on. two- sc?- 
called- ‘^trmpltin'-'hmK:rofiims’'1 
released- only last summer hadl 
been “kept on open shelves ati 
the ^Bureau of Standards 114 
brary,’’’ available ' to - anyone. ? J 
[[Mr. ■ - Hiss also charged • that 1 
btSer;F.Bl papers showed that; 
document experts retained by! 
his- defense lawyers' were “hav-: 
ing their tax returns” : subject-) 
ed to intensive investigations) 
and some then’ “changed- theiri 

pinions/’ t ?. 

• Mr. Hiss’ also' commented bnj 
a' 'defense lawyerisymemoran-! 
;dum >that - was cited by Profes-1 
|sor Weinstein as indicating that 
oh Dec. 7;' 1946, Mr. Hiss-re- 
membered that ' the • typewriter] 
had been given to the •' Catlett 
family. Mr: Hiss Said, “I domot 
recall making -this statement.” 
But he- said he had suggested 
“household employees” as' per- 
sons -from whom -his) lawyers] 
[should look for the Machine- s ' 
'Meanwhile, John H. F7- Shatr 
trick, counsel for the -American) 
Civil -Liberties Union in? the) 
lawsuit that obtained jelease of 
;15,376.”pages of F.Bjl. files fori 
jProfessor Weinstein, said that 
[a hearing would be held before 
federal Judge William- B. Jones 
in Washington Monday. The; 
judge ’will be asked to review in; 
private 1,000, more pages that 
-the F.B.I. argues are exempt, 

from release.- - .- - _ i 

,. -Professor Weinstein is, writ- 
ing a book, “Perjury: The Hiss-) 
Chambers Case.” which, hei 
hopes- to complete about, next 
December or January for publi- 
cation by Alfred A. -Knopf Inc.